blocked website, access denied, facebook blocked

Sometimes it becomes necessary to restrict the opening of certain websites in our PC to monitor or control the privacy. Sometime its user specific and  sometimes its time specific. Below is the guide to block website for every user. The Windows HOSTS file allows you to block some of this content very easily and for free by editing the Hosts file, Windows can be customized to block or redirect specific websites

blocked website, access denied, facebook blocked

Example :- Redirecting Facebook to clicknsnap.org Open a command prompt (click on Start and type in CMD) and type in the following command: In my example, I pinged clicknsnap.com. ping clicknsnap.org     The IP address is Now I can simply plug that number into my hosts file in front of www.facebook.com as explained below. Locating Host file (C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc ) “How to Block a Website Using the Windows Hosts

How to Block a Website Based on Time of Day or User

Sometime we want to take more control over the blocking of a website on our computer. Like which website is to be blocked for which user or at which time of a day some website we need to block etc. Try using your router’s Web interface to block a website selectively. Open a web browser & enter IP address of your router’s into the address bar (please refer to your

facebook 360 image

A lot of people asked me regarding the “How to convert a Normal image into a 360° Image and upload into Facebook“. As there are only few valid resolutions and camera Model/maker which can be detected as 360° Image by Facebook and can be uploaded as same. Below is the guide for you to edit and upload 360° Image on Facebook. For further query and solution comment on the thread. 1. Resize