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1. Chikmagalur – 250 km If you are looking to escape from the urban chaos and into the lush of the nature this amazing place is a perfect for you. Often referred to as the “Coffee Land”, Chikmagalur is widely perceived to be one of the must visit places in South India and its beauty naturally justifies this distinction. Chikmagalur is a beautiful haven of pepper estates, dense forests and

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1- Iraq in Fragments (2006) Iraq in Fragments illuminates post-war Iraq in three acts, building a picture of a country pulled in different directions by religion and ethnicity. Filmed in verité style with no scripted narration, the film explores the lives of ordinary Iraqis to illustrate and give background to larger trends in Iraqi society. The film premiered at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival where it won three awards: “Directing

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Sikkim is a state in northeast India, bordered by Bhutan, Tibet and Nepal. Part of the Himalayas, the area has a dramatic landscape that includes India’s highest mountain, 8,586m Kangchenjunga. Sikkim is also home to glaciers, alpine meadows and thousands of varieties of wildflowers. Steep paths lead to hilltop Buddhist monasteries such as Pemayangtse, which dates to the early 1700s. [FAG id=3378]

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A lot of people asked me regarding the “How to convert a Normal image into a 360° Image and upload into Facebook“. As there are only few valid resolutions and camera Model/maker which can be detected as 360° Image by Facebook and can be uploaded as same. Below is the guide for you to edit and upload 360° Image on Facebook. For further query and solution comment on the thread. 1. Resize