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Google Pixel, Pixel XL: Top Five Exclusive Features of Pixel Phone and User

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Google Pixel, Pixel XL: Top Five Exclusive Features of Pixel Phone and User

Google Pixel
5 – Pixel Launcher

Google’s Pixel Launcher is exclusive to the Pixel phones, and is the evolution of the Google Now Launcher. This includes replacing Google Now with the Google Assistant, a dynamic calendar icon that shows you the date in a glance, a revamped app drawer, new, round app icons, and more. Google might bring it to more devices down the line, though given the name, don’t get your hopes up for this happening in the near future. Sideloading could be an option, as was demonstrated when the unofficial version leaked last month.

4 – 24/7 customer support

One of the biggest problems with buying a phone is getting customer support. Google is aware of this, and is offering 24/7 customer support via both voice and text and it also has a screen sharing solution so that the tech-support can directly see what’s on your screen to diagnose problems. It’s an optional setting, in case you were worrying about security issues. Putting this in place requires a lot of manpower, which is why Google can’t roll this particular feature out to all phones, though of course, other manufacturers could add a similar feature themselves if they wanted to.

Google Pixel

3 – Smart storage

You know what’s better than having unlimited backups? Not having to worry about managing unlimited backups. Google calls this feature Smart Storage, and it automatically removes images and videos from your phone to the cloud when it decides that you’re running short on space. It picks the files automatically so you’re not wasting time managing your storage, and thanks to the unlimited backups Google is offering, you don’t lose out on the quality of your videos at all.This means that your 32GB storage will still be adequate for use, even if you decide to film 4K videos – the files will just live on the cloud instead of filling up your phone needlessly.

2 –  Unlimited photo and video storage for life

As a regular user of Google Photos, you can backup your images without having to pay a paisa. It’s great, but Google compresses the images to a “high-quality” size. That’s not really an issue if you’re only going to be viewing the images on your phone’s screen, but if you’re taking printouts, or perhaps viewing them on a 4K monitor, then the compression starts to look bad. Google’s Pixel phones will offer unlimited backups of photos and videos at full resolution – even videos recorded at 4K will be backed up for free on the cloud, with no limit.

Google Pixel

1 – Google Assistant

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL are the first smartphones with Google Assistant built-in. Google Assistant is the new smart assistant that some of the people reading would already have experienced thanks to Allo. The Assistant gets promoted to the home screen, and you can call it up with a long-press on the home button.

The Assistant is more than just a voice search interface – it’s backed up by AI smarts, and it contextualises the information it digs up through your earlier interactions. In our usage of Allo, the Assistant came across as a work in progress, but Google says that the more you use it, the more useful it will become. As of now, you can already use it to add events to your calendar, make a grocery list, and navigate home.

Google has told that the feature will be coming to other phones, but didn’t announce a timeline for this.

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