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Top 10 Overseas Indian Military Bases (Highly Classified)


Top 10 Overseas Indian Military Bases (Highly Classified)

These kind of information is generally classified. There is no concrete evidence that India operates from foreign countries. However, there are some unverified reports that talk about Indian military bases abroad. The exact details about fighter jets & helicopters we got there is pretty exclusive. You would need to get an important position at the Indian Air Force, or any diplomatic position in India to know such classified information.

Overseas Indian military bases


India signed defense cooperation and security and law enforcement agreements with Qatar , as per these agreements Indian navy can access the region to ensure security of sea.


Oman became the first gulf nation to have defense partnership with India, Oman has signed a defense agreements with India which gives berthing rights in Oman to Indian Navy.


Indian Navy took charge of Mozambique’s sea security during African union summit there in 2003 and during World economic Forum Summitindian naval base, mozambique, naval base


India has made a key monitoring station in northern Madagascar to keep an eye on ship movements in Indian ocean. It is equipment with radars and surveillance gear to intercept maritime communication as India navy’s strategy to protect the country’s sea route of commerce.


India helps Seychelles by playing an important role in its fight against piracy.India has supported Seychelles monetarily and equipment such as Dornier DO 228s and Chetak helicopter for meeting its defense needs.

Indian naval base, seychelle indian naval base, naval base


Both nations maintain a strong military relationship and Vietnam has invited india for its naval presence in the south China sea through access to the Cam Ranh Bay naval and air base


Maldives is under india’s security grid . Indian navy monitors nation’s exclusive economic zones as well as ward off piracy threats in the waters


Farkhor Air base is a military air base located near the town of Farkhor in Tajikistan operated by Indian air force. Farkhor is India’s first and only air base outside its territory. A squadron of  Mig-29 bombers were placed at the base . In case of war , birds flying from Farkhor can reach the skies of Pakistan within minutes from their take off .
Mig -29, Farkhor Air base, Air base, indian air base, IAF


Indian army has a base in Bhutanese town of Paro in the direction of the border with Chinese controlled Tibet


India has maintained a long tie with its Himalayan neighbor Nepal .“India claims any attack on Nepal will be considered as an attack on India”


*As these information are highly classified and secret , the above list are based on internet research and rumors. The Actual data may or mayn’t be as same as this list. Readers are requested to verify from other source as well.

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