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The Missing Points behind Surgical Strike 2.0 (Balakot, Pakistan)

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The Missing Points behind Surgical Strike 2.0 (Balakot, Pakistan)

Entire story of Surgical strike 2.0

On 14 Feb 2018, A bus carrying Indian security CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) personnel was rammed by a vehicle carrying explosives at Pulwama, around 3.15 PM

This resulted in the blast which martyred 44 brave Indian soldiers. It is the deadliest terror attack on India’s state security personnel in Kashmir. 

The terrorist group named as Jaish-e-Mohammed (Leader- Masood Azhar, Pakistan based militant) claimed responsibility for this incident. Not only this, they even shared a video of the assaulter named as Adil Ahmad from Kakapora, 22-year-old who joined his group a year earlier.

MIRAZ- HERO OF Surgical strike 2.0

On Feb 26, 2018, at 3.30 an IAF Airstrike took place with the help of 12 Mirage Fighter (Jet Aircraft) dropped 1,000 kg bombs on terrorist camps across LOC.

Terrorist launchpads in Balakot, Chakothi, and Muzaffarabad was completely destroyed in the IAF air strikes. Jaish-e-Mohammed control rooms were also destroyed. in IAF.Airstrikes which comes exactly 12 days after Pulwama Terror attack. It is exactly about India’s Pulwama revenge attack.We can also term it as Surgical Strike 2.0 & of course MIRAZ- The hero of surgical strike 2.0

The Jaish camps in Alakotbb where IAF dropped 1000 kg bombs were in Pakistan. Yes, not in POK(Pakistan Occupied Kashmir,(Azad Kashmir) but proper Pakistan. It crossed POK and entered deep into Pakistan. And that too just 70 km from Pakistan Army headquarters. Above all the airforce team returned unharmed.

3) The reason behind Balakot or in short why our IAF chooses Balakot

Maulana Masood Azhar is the leader of the terrorist group active in Kashmir, named as Jaish- e- Mohammed. Around 2001, he used to spend most of his time in Balakot which stopped later. This group also have very close relations with the Taliban & Al-Qaeda.

After indoctrination, it is again been operational for Military grade training of Jihadi terrorists. So straightforwardly it makes sense to cut the roots of Terrorist and destroy its original base.

2) Why only MIRAJ 2000 Fighter Jet –“Super Hero Of Surgical Strike 2.0”

Mirage 2000  joined IAF (Indian Air Force) in 1980. Mirage Fighter Jet comes from  Dassault Aviation – French company, who is also popular for his controversial manufacture of Rafale. The last time it was used in Kargil war with Pakistan. Over the years it has been upgraded with the number of plug & Play systems. Its pinpoint targeting and proven capability make it more high in caliber. Tried and tested by IAF, it takes no time to track & target in long range.

1) India’s ‘surgical strike 2.0’ in Kashmir: Truth or Illusion?

There is no conclusive evidence to prove either side’s claims. Tthe truth probably lies somewhere in the middle or still missing.

As per sources and India, the non- military pre-emptive action was specifically targeted at the Jaish-e-Mohammed camp and strikes killed around 350 Jaish, But at the same time, Pakistan denies there were casualties. From the sources, there are a number of a pictures which says bomb actually dropped from Aircraft.

The strikes are the first launched across the line of control – the de facto border that divides India-administered Kashmir from Pakistan-administered Kashmir – since a war between the two countries in 1971.

From the source of BBC eye witness Mohammed Adil, residents in Balakot, Pakistan- shared about the matter and said –“around 3 AM I heard a huge sound of explosion something like an earthquake. After that, we couldn’t sleep. we came to later know that it was the bomb”. The Pakistani army denied there was any sort of casualties.

Now my question is, if this is real and there were no casualties, then why Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan ended with the sentence? “Pakistan will respond at the time and place of its choosing” in one of Pakistan’s National Security Committee meeting as per the sources. If something happened then why the reason Pakistan is hiding. And again the same point is missing- “ Truth or illusion?”

I surprised to know .”Pakistan’s military has cordoned off the area and not even the local police are allowed in, so it will be some time before details of the attack become known” Now again my question arises the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle or still missing?

Indian Government clearly mentioned shows India’s maturity as a Nation. India’s commitment is that it is a fight against Terror, and no one else. India could have hit back badly and could have destroyed civil installation, but he chooses only to hit Terror  Outfits. In one of the political speeches happened after the same incident,  Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not directly mention the air strikes but he told crowds: “I understand your enthusiasm and your energy. Today is a day we bow before our heroes”.

What do you think what is the entire story behind the truth or illusion? Who is right and who is wrong? As Pakistan says there were no casualties, then why they have covered that particular area, where their local police cannot come. In fact, we have also heard from the sources of PAF(Pakistan Air Force) and from one of his tweets that India just touched LOC & when PAF came there, India just went without doing any activity. What all these points related to? Leave your comments below and share your ideas and views. 



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