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How to live cheaply in Bangalore?

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How to live cheaply in Bangalore?

If you really want to live on the cheap in Bangalore, you’re going to have to make some sacrifices But that doesn’t mean you have to live on Misery. Be smart with your expanses. Be generous where it is required but save where you have the option. There are number of ways to make savings but it varies person to person, what suits them. Below are the few real life experiences to live cheaply in Bangalore the IT city. More suggestions are welcomed so that it can help others too.

Home Rent :-

Rent always comprises anywhere b/w 30–60% of your total expenses. Search for decent place with lesser advance, rent, maintenance. More earning hands might ease this cost. Take precise time to search a residence, PG is good if you may manipulate sharing behaviour of yours. Few location suggestions – Bilekhahalli, Towards Nelmangala ( metro available) , Towards hoskote after K.R puram.

Food :-

If you are living in a PG that means you don’t have to cook and food is included in the rent but if you are living in rented house best option is to self cooking at least once a day and eat one time outside based on your work /college timings. If you are living with your family then carry lunch boxes. Make simple stuff like oats khichdi, ragi malt, upma, Poha, curd rice which are easy and quick. If you are not expert in cooking then you can buy vegetables/chicken gravy from outside and prepare rice/roti in home. Which is easier and less time consuming. Buy vegetables from the Mandi or Sabji market. which is comparatively cheaper than the local shops. For Grocery items DMart and Reliance Market is best option to buy in bulk and make more savings.

cheap food in bangalore , hand cooking, self cooking

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Transportation :-

If your office is far then use public transport with monthly pass . In day to day short travel or commutation these monthly pass can be helpful as you don’t have to worry about any extra ticket cost. As for a small ride in UBER/OLA , you will end up paying Rs 50 – Rs.150. You can able to save these expenses.
If you have own bike or car, opt for shared travel with office colleagues or friends. So that transport expenses can be divided between two in turn reducing the travel expenses.

cheap Trasport in bangalore, majestic bus Stand, Bangalore, BMTC

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  1. Shopping : Don’t be in hurry and wait for the offer seasons for clothing and shopping.
  2. Partying : Many of the Bars and Pubs runs offer with special discounts, keep your eye on it.
  3. Mobile : 399 [ Jio or any Postpaid]
  4. Internet : 300 [but lucky if you have Jio or Free wifi at Office like me]
  5. Electricity : 300 (Not for people Living in PG)
  6. TV : 200+ [ If you are fond of watching TV or TV on mobile is best choice.

Miscellaneous expanses , wifi, tv , fridge, internet , mobile , party , travel ,

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  • Always go for Unfurnished or semi furnished flat.
  • Make a budget and purchase the essential items. Like : Refrigerator , TV, Washing Machine, Sofa. Search facebook Bangalore Buy/Sell groups as most of the thing can be purchased on cheaper price from their. And you can even Sell it when you all are leaving.
  • If possible try to Cook your own food.
  • you must have a health insurance for you and for your family members too.


  • Book Flats via broker , prefer online startup or facebook flatmates group for broker free flats.
  • Cutting back on food because you must have to be healthy otherwise you have to used up all your savings.
  • Spending on occasions where you are with family/friends, fasting, staying alone on weekends. As they might save some money, but it’s bad, unhealthy and you become unhappy.

Once you’ve used a few of these money-saving strategies, you’ll have freed up some cash to spend on
Well, that’s where the freedom part comes in.
The choice is yours!
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