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The Tiny Fables – 52

The Tiny Fables

The Tiny Fables – 52

The Tiny Fables – 52

That day she realized she was wrong
Yes, she was.
She screamed but silently
She cried without letting the world know her condition.
At night while seeing the stars she remembered their days.
She remembered every single detail,
how he used to play with her hair,
the way he said I LOVE YOU,
the day when they met
And the day when he told her something which stunned her.
“I am a cancer fighter” .
She looked at him for a while and tears rolled down through her eyes.
She said everything’s gonna be okay.
She will not leave him and so he.
She was sure that they both will live together and go to heaven together.
But, he died,
Her trust broke, now he was no more.
She screamed but now nothing was left.
She was wrong to say that he won’t leave her and they will go to heaven together.
She was wrong
Yes, she was…!
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